Artist Pam Hall - Bona Vista Biennale Newfoundland

Pam Hall


Keels Hall, Keels


Doran Meadow, Port Rexton
BORN Kingston, ON   LIVES St. John’s, NL

Hall’s work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, performance and film. For more than two decades she has undertaken projects with communities. Towards An Encyclopedia Of Local Knowledge is a collaborative project with communities on the Northern Peninsula, Bonne Bay, Fogo and Change Islands. It explores art as a form of making and moving knowledge, and reveals ways of knowing that are local, living, and still in use. It works to expand, deepen and make visible forms of knowledge, other than science, that have been under-valued and often excluded from conversations about a sustainable future for rural communities. During the Biennale, Bonavista residents will be encouraged to visit Hall on site to share their local experiences, knowledge and practices. Re-Seeding the Dream East (working title) is a site-specific outdoor installation “calling the cod fish home” and celebrating their historic abundance. This piece is the Atlantic echo of Reseeding the Dream, a 1997 Alberta installation.

Pam Hall’s work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally, and is represented in many corporate, private and public collections, including The National Gallery of Canada. She was inducted into the Royal Academy of the Arts (RCA) in 1992 and taught students in the MFA program at Goddard College, Vermont for more than 15 years. She completed her PhD at Memorial University in 2013. She lives and works in St. John’s.

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