Scott Walden - artist

Scott Walden


Duntara Community Hall, Duntara


St. Mary's Anglican Church, Elliston
BORN Toronto, ON   LIVES New York and NL

Walden’s practice and research focus on the intersection between the philosophies of art, mind and language, especially in relation to photography. Unsettled Revisited invites reflection on the changes to rural Newfoundland in recent years. Twenty years ago, Walden exposed the first of 48 photographs portraying the disintegrating structures left by the Newfoundland resettlement programs of the 1950s and ‘60s. These buildings struck Walden as metaphors for the dissolution of “place”, the significance that spaces take on with human habitation. Resettled communities, some with histories going back centuries, had value in themselves apart from any economic or political roles they played historically. Walden’s second Biennale installation, Duntara Harbour, will be arranged on the floor of the Duntara Community Centre following the same arc, straight lines and meandering path of the harbour. Printed on peel-and-stick paper, the individual photographs will be collected as keepsakes by students from the local school at a ceremony in September.

Walden's photographs have been exhibited in Canada and the United States. His publications include Places Lost: In Search of Newfoundland's Resettled Communities, and essays in The Newfoundland Quarterly and The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism. He is recipient of the Canada Council's Duke and Duchess of York Prize in Photography (2007), and a State University of New York Chancellor's Award (2016). He teaches at Nassau Community College, Long Island, NY.