Gayle Young - Artist

Gayle Young


Duntara Community Hall, Duntara
BORN St. Catherines, ON   LIVES Grimsby, ON

As both a composer and performer, Gayle Young has developed notational systems and designed her own unique musical instruments, adopting an interdisciplinary practice which includes musical composition and sound sculpture. Her recent work is the outcome of a residency at 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects in Duntara, NL in 2016, where Young created underwater recordings on the Bonavista Peninsula and Fogo Island. Played simultaneously, the recordings reveal cross-rhythms as sounds of nature are extracted from their original contexts and abstracted. The result is an experience entirely artificial, as one cannot listen to two natural shorelines simultaneously. Gayle Young has created several sound installation works over her long spanning career and composes for orchestral and electronic instruments and pre-recorded soundscapes. Her work has been showcased internationally with premieres in New York and London.

Young has written extensively on contemporary music and sound arts, publishing a biography of Hugh Le Caine in 1988, and is currently the publisher (and former editor) of Musicworks Magazine. She has received numerous awards and commissions, most recently undertaking a prestigious fellowship with Civitella Ranieri Foundation in Italy.

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