Kelly Richardson - Leviathan - Bonavista Biennale

Kelly Richardson


Salt Fish Plant, Catalina
BORN Burlington, ON   LIVES Whitley Bay, UK

Kelly Richardson represents a new generation of artists working with digital technologies to create hyper-real landscapes, offering imaginative glimpses into the future while prompting a careful consideration of the present. In Leviathan, Richardson makes reference to competing narratives: a depiction of the beginning of primordial life, the biblical tale of the serpent sea monster Leviathan, and a post-apocalyptic Earth where life is unsustainable. Filmed on Caddo Lake near Uncertain, Texas, the video takes place on the site of the first underwater drilling for oil 100 years ago. This choice is critical, as the work serves as a new type of history painting in which the landscape depicted is the very site where the modern world was forged.

Richardson’s multi-channel video installations are created using software from the film and gaming industries. Mariner 9, a futuristic Martian landscape, is in the National Gallery of Canada and Albright-Knox Art Gallery collections. Solo exhibitions include SMoCA Arizona, Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver, Natural History Museum in Vienna and AGNS in Halifax. She has participated in TIFF, Sundance Film Festival, Nuit Blanche Toronto and major exhibitions in the US, Spain, France and China.