Laura St. Pierre and Jon Bath - artists

Laura St. Pierre | Jon Bath


Fish Store, Mockbeggar Plantation, Bonavista


Root Cellar, Elliston
BORN Laura - Saskatoon, SK | Jon - Shaunavon, SK   LIVES Laura - Saskatoon, SK | Jon - Regina SK

Laura St. Pierre’s art practice is based around the persona of the Scavenger, a character who surfs the detritus of modern life. Urban Vernacular was a series of installations and photographs of cobbled-together structures on the fringes of urban space created from the castaways of consumer life. More recently Laura and the Scavenger have been collecting and preserving flora from the changing landscapes around them. The specimens are preserved in jars, bleached into ghostly remains. For this installation they have joined forces with Jon Bath, a media theorist and lover of urban greenspaces. Using old slide projectors and rotating mechanisms in combination with locally collected specimens they create luminescent projections on a landscape of screens in an historic Newfoundland root cellar.

Laura St. Pierre is a multi-disciplinary artist whose installations, sculptures, public works and photographs have been exhibited throughout Canada and internationally. Jon Bath is Professor and Director of Humanities and Fine Arts Digital Research Centre at the University of Saskatchewan. His research practice examines the interplay of old and new forms of media and the persistence of the ideals of print-based communication in electronic media.