Marlene Creates - Portugal Cove, NL

Marlene Creates


2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects, Duntara


Salt Fish Plant, Catalina
BORN Montreal, QC   LIVES Portugal Cove, NL

Marlene Creates’ work explores the relationship between human experience and the land, and their impact on each other. Since 2002 she observed and worked with the six acres of boreal forest where she lives. Our Lives Concurrent for 58 Years Until the Hurricane, Blast Hole Pond Road, Newfoundland 2010 is an installation of 22 cross-sections of spruce and fir trees felled by Hurricane Igor on September 21, 2010. All the lost trees were older than Creates at the time: “I was thinking about the fact that they had been standing throughout my lifetime—our lives had been concurrent—until the day of the hurricane.” A Newfoundland Treasury of Terms for Ice and Snow, 2011-2014 is an inventory of local vocabulary to distinguish specific phenomena in the modulations of winter weather. Knowing these terms and expressions helps us see the different phenomena instead of just a cold, white blur of winter. This vocabulary is a fragile intangible artifact, the result of major changes in the province, including the decline of the fishery and climate change.

An internationally-acclaimed environmental artist, Creates has lectured at and shown in over 350 solo and group exhibitions throughout the world. A member of the Royal Canadian Academy, she won the CONTACT Photography Festival’s BMW Prize in 2013. In 2015 her video-poem From the Ground Tier to a Sparrow Batch won three international film festival awards.