Will Gill - Artist - St. John’s, NL

Will Gill


Maberly Lookout, Maberly


Coaker Factory Building, Port Union
BORN Ottawa, ON   LIVES St. John’s, NL

Will Gill’s practice spans photography, painting, sculpture and live-action work. His Biennale work, The Green Chair, is a site-specific outdoor steel sculpture set at the ocean’s edge, allowing the free and ever-changing play of light, wind and water over and through the chair. It replicates an archetypal Newfoundland wooden chair found in virtually all rural kitchens. Because kitchens are where families and friends gather, this chair calls up memories of the comfort and pleasure of daily activities and “times”. But it also can evoke thoughts of people sitting by the window in anxious vigil, awaiting overdue sailors and fishermen. Paintings from Gill’s on-going Fires in the Desert work at the Factory Building in Port Union draw from his recent experience of two “ice deserts” during a 2014 residency aboard a three-masted barquentine out of Svalbard, Norway and an earlier voyage through the Canadian Arctic. The canvases with their soft pink organic forms play off the large crocheted sculptural works, some of them pink, of Doug Guildford, installed in the Factory’s second floor.

He has exhibited extensively across the country in solo and group shows; was commissioned to make a large-scale water installation for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, 2012; was part of a two-person collateral exhibition at the 2013 Venice Biennale; and was on the Sobey Art Award national long list in 2004 and 2006.



Michael Flaherty  
  Doug Guildford